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Awarded Goodguys People’s choice award for 2014 new product of the year at the 17th Annual Goodguys Nationals held in Columbus, Ohio

Ever looked for a headlight worthy of your classic show car, truck or bike?

You know the one that makes your car stand out from the rest. Well we’re proud to announce our award winning patent pending headlight that’s one of a kind. We offer the same 7 and 5 ¾ inch round headlights that were originally placed on all cars starting in the 1930’s until 1979 with a unique Angel Eyes halo, made up of the latest LED SMD technology, making them look much like the Audi headlights found on their 2011/2012 vehicles.


Safer than the old parabolic lens headlights of yester year because you see 50% more of the road. Running as a daylight running light means other drivers will see you before they pull out in front of you. Provides more side light than any headlight on the market.


Imagine your car with the same style, elegance and sophistication like that of Porsche, Audi and BMW. Watch your car come alive. Choosing multi-color allows you to match or contrast the color of your car to give you’re car a unique persona.


A ”Made-to-last” investment because of the quality we put into our lights. We use nothing but the best of the best American parts, paints, glues and sealers. Our bend over backwards customer Service makes sure your happy with our service and products.

Imagine our headlights and doing this at your next cruise-in!

As you pull in change your headlights from white to another color then take your sweet time weaving through each row of cars acting like you can’t find the right parking place, notice as you do this everyone looking and pointing at your headlights, then back in your car! Next watch how many people come to crowd around your car. I promise you will be calling us next asking for business cards to give out because you’ll be tired of giving out our phone number and that’s a fact!

Click here to order our standard headlights.

Click here to order a custom made one of a kind headlights.

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