Frequently Asked Questions

Q. If the light bulb burns out, do I have to replace the whole headlight housing?
A. No. You just have to replace the H4 halogen light bulbs. You do not need to replace the whole headlight housing.

Q. Does your headlight just have LED’s as a main source of lighting?
A. No, the lighting sources for the headlight is the H4 bulb and the angel eyes halo ring.

Q. Where can you get an H4 bulb?
A. Any automotive parts store carry H4 bulbs to include stores such as Walmart.

Q. Are the lens plastic or glass?
A. The front lens is made of diamond crystal glass.

Q. Are the H4 halogen light bulbs low and high beam together?
A. Yes, the H4 halogen light bulbs are low and high beam together.

Q. What is the difference between a Halogen bulb and a Xenon bulb?
A. A halogen bulb is usually less brighter than a Xenon bulb. The Xenon bulb is much more brighter than the halogen because it has Xenon gas in the bulb, thus the name.

Q. Can I place my HID lights inside of your Headlights? Also will it harm the LED’s because of it’s heat?
A. You can place your HID lights inside of our headlights. Our headlights are made to take extreem heat without breaking down the inside of the headlight, LED or seal.

Q. Are HID light systems better than Xenon bulb?
A. In my opinion that are not because of the cost. The Xenon bulb is almost as bright as the HID without the cost of a HID system and the possibility of a ballast not working and then not be able to replace that same exact ballast. Ballast must be same exact brand and part number to get both headlights to balance in brightness.

Q. Why at night when I have my headlights on that they sometimes start to blink or just go off?
A. This is sometimes called the “Blink of Death”, don’t be alarmed by the name, but, your electrical system cannot handle the added load of a Halogen or Xenon bulb. Make sure you have a alternator that can do 100w and that your stereo equipment is not too much of a power draw on your vehicle electrical system. Sometimes you can purchase a new headlight switch, not a new old stock, but a new one, because it has more modern switching capability than the original ones. Or you can purchase an electrical upgrade harness that has two relays that will take the electrical load off of your vehicle electrical system. We sell them as item number EH-001 for a 2 headlight system for $50.00 or EH-002 for a 4 headlight system for $60.00. Go to Our Products page and then select Accessories go to the bottom of the page for EH-001 and EH-002.

Q. Are the headlights only sold as pairs?
A. Look carefully at the catagories, we have one for a single headlight, mainly for bikers and one catagory for pairs for vehicles that have two headlights and another catagory for quad for vehicles with four headlights.

Q. What is the wattage on the H4 halogen light bulbs?
A. The H4 halogen light bulbs are 60/55W (12V).

Q. Do you sell just the headlight without a halo ring?
A. Yes. We have had request from people who just want a crystal clear headlight alone so they can have a headlight that is safer and puts out much more light than the ones with a parabolic lens on the front

Q. Are these headlights DOT approved?
A. The replacement lamp assembly is DOT approved.

Q. Why is it when I try to change the halo color with remote during the day it does not work so well.
A.  Infrared works with sending a infrared signal light signal to the receiver, if it is bright during a sunny day you will need to be closer because the signal is stronger the closer you are and the brightness of the sunlight cuts down the signal.

Q. What is Xenon?
A. Xenon is an inert gas that the quartz glass bulb is filled with.  As light (Photons) passes through the gas, the wave length of the light changes, the resulting light is witer and brighter than halogen by 30%.

Q. On the Multi-Color headlight it comes with a white controller box that the Infrared receiver is connected to, is it waterproof?
A. No the white controller box sold with the multi-color headlights is not waterproof.

Q. If I have four headlights in front of my car what size will they be?
A. Cars from 1936’s to 1979 usually had four 5 3/4 inch headlights.

Q. If I have two headlights in front of my car what size will they be?
A. Cars from 1936’s to 1979 usually had four 7 inch headlights.

Q. Do you make halo’s in any other voltages other than 12 volt?
A. No, but there may be a possibility of 24 volt..