Quality Headlight Construction

American built, better than good and made to last!

Multi-Color Headlight Components

When we decided to make our patent pending headlights, we wanted to put together a quality headlight versus the cheaply made headlights offered all over the internet and Ebay.  After reviewing and testing several headlights as possible candidates we found most headlights made overseas were not made to last.  Many headlights would tarnish after replacing their inexpensive H4 bulb to a Xenon or HID.  With bulb/lamp technology ever changing brighter bulbs will be made and when they are you can bet they will burn hotter.  In designing our patent pending headlight we took this problem in consideration, I am happy to say our headlight will take any bulb made now and in the future and will not tarnish the reflective base.  Another problem we found is the glue they use will break down because of the extreme heat and cause a runny glueish mess on the inside of the glass/lens further reducing the clarity of the light.  I am also happy to say we don’t have this problem because we use a high quality American product for mounting of the LED ring and for the sealing of the glass/lens.   We wanted to make a headlight where all of the parts were made in America, but what we found is that this was impossible due to many manufactures moving their operations to other parts of the world and no longer offering these parts in America.  If any of the parts were made in the USA we chose to get that product and include it in the headlight even if it meant that we could bring down our manufacturing cost by buying a cheaper foreign made part.  One day it is our hope to manufacture every part of our headlight in our company right here in our country the great USA.  I am proud to say we do fully assemble our headlight right here in America.  If you decide to purchase our headlight and we hope you will, you can bet your hard earned money is investing in a quality product made to last.  I like to describe our product in the same words of the great author and salesman Zig Ziglar it’s simply “Better than Good”.