What’s New!

7 and 5 inch Square Headlights

By popular demand from our customers, we now have square halo headlights to replace your sealed beam 6×4 for four headlight systems and 7×6 for two headlight systems. The design is definitely not square; our halo employs a stylish design with a straight edge on both the top and bottom and a half moon design on each side. Evenly placed SMD LEDs surround the halo. Comes in two halo types the first is a solid unchangeable colors such as white, amber, blue, red, green and pink, the second is a changeable multi-color halo. The multi-color halo uses a 16 color wireless remote. So if you have a cool car with square headlights then these are the headlights to have if you want your vehicle to stand out in a crowd.

7 and 5 inch Turn Signal Headlights

You asked for it well we built it, for those vehicles not designed with a turn signal, you don’t have to suffer with the little round turn signal lights you put up under the bumper that no one can ever see. Introducing an amber turn signal unit that can be added to any of our headlight models. This can be ordered as a custom addition to any of our headlight systems. Now you definitely don’t have to suffer with the thought of whether or not an oncoming driver can see your turn signal anymore.

7 and 5 inch Rat Rod Headlights

Do you know what the motto of a true rat rodder is? “No comfort and no shiny”. Ask yourself what’s the last shiny thing on a rat rod? If you guessed it’s the headlight you’re right. Well we fix that with the introduction of our “Rat Rod” headlight. Looking inside the light you can see rust and some shiny. We even digitally etched bullet holes into the glass. Other custom etchings can also be purchased, such as skulls, spider webs and much more. This headlight can be purchased with and without a rusted halo. Want to see your Rat Rod come a live with that sinister look then choose our Rat Rod halo headlight and show the real attitude of your Rat Rod. Look close at the top picture and notice the bullet holes etched in the glass

In-Cab Indicator

Introducing one of our newest creations the “In-Cab Indicator”, this is for those customers who want to know what color their headlights are on at all times. This indicator insures a legal color selection such as white or amber while driving on public roads. We like to call it the “no traffic ticket insurance”. This indicator employs three of the same LED’s as seen on the halo of your headlights. You can install it anywhere in the cab of your vehicle or anywhere else on the control unit harness. Even though we call it the In-Cab indicator we’ve even seen customers use them to light up the inside of their hood scoop which is really cool.